“Robinson” is situated in the northeast part of Bulgaria and is easily accessible by land and sea and as well as by air (the newly found airport of Balchik). The property is with entirely south exposition, right on the sea shore with 350 m of sea borderline (all of which a beach). The unique location of the project (the property) is better emphasized with the fact that 250 -300 m away from the complex is situated the Tuzla sweet lake, which is widely famous with its healing mud baths (clinically proven). There is a possibility to use the nearby hot mineral spring (around 50 C⁰), with a well already drilled, 300 m away from the borderline of the property. All this together with the nice nature of the place, make the project very suitable for a Mineral and Spa center, as well as for private apartments. Enquiries have been made by the engineers of the German Power Plant of Mainz, for building a geothermal power installation for the future complex.

Total area: 30 007 м².

Built -up area BUA 40 000 м². / project approved by the building permit /

Total housing: 300

Total parking places: 330


43км. 45 min. north of the airport Varna

5 км. north of Balchik

5 км. south of Kavarna – the rock fest capital of Bulgaria

15 min. south of cape Kaliakra

5 min. east of Black Sea Rama /golf course designed by Gary Player and Lighthouse Golf Resort / Golf course designed by Ian Woosman/, Thracian Cliffs / also designed by Gary Player /

355m from the beach

Close to the Black Sea

21 км. away from “Albena Resort”

33 км. away from “Golden Sand Resort”

Land Purchase Price with license (buy full project) 11.000.000€



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+30 6942 076 005


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